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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Silent T Network is a support network for Shippers and the Transportation Industry.  Support and Services are made available by a network of high quality providers to improve processes for “Freight Management and Spend Control” to improve customer shipment delivery and service.

The first level of efficiencies is produced from the best order and shipment processes.  Once the order and shipment processing techniques are in place, a shipper is then ready to analyze freight methods and management to insure the “least cost” for the “highest value”.

After the shipment processes are analyzed and the transportation program has been defined, if carriers are needed Silent T Network offers “high quality partners”.

  1. Carrier/Providers will become partners with the Shipper, servicing the Shipper’s needs.
  2. Carrier/Providers will build the shipper, customer and consignee relationships to deliver the best service.
  3. This relationship will be built directly, including rate negotiations, equipment matching, lane identification and customer service, from dispatch to invoice, between the Shipper and the Silent T Network provider.

Silent T Network is not a 3PL or a Freight Broker.  Special agreements are in place between all parties to form the Network.  This will benefit you by putting extra savings into your company.

Our Target Market

Silent T Network best serves shippers from a “startup phase” to a mature shipper with less than 50 million in Freight Spend.  In the Shipping Industry, many shippers have lost control of their internal processes and carrier relations due to the growth of Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers.  With this loss of control and knowledge, shippers do not have the knowledge, structure or industry carrier network to insure customer satisfaction.

Message from Peggy Tschudin, President

There are more methods to reduce your freight spend, than selecting the “least cost” carrier.  The actual spend is dependent on how you build your shipment, load product onto the skids, and load the carrier’s equipment.  Each step in the process must be efficient and “lean” with as few steps as possible.

Order Processing, based on Customer Requirements, is at the core of the process.  With order requirements understood, your warehouse operations involved in the process and a strong shipment plan you have the base of a “healthy shipment”.

After shipment processing and planning, being a true partner with your carrier is the next step to the “least cost, but value” shipment program.  In the carrier industry, with Drivers Hours of Service, Electronic Logs and expensive safety technology, the carrier’s cost of business is increasing.  The carriers are looking for “shipping partners” who will work together for the best result.  Carriers will reward shippers who are “carrier friendly”, have well packaged shipments to “travel”, along with strong communications.  These offerings to a carrier will earn the fairest rates with a “high priority” approach of care.  Your shipments will move first and fast!

I have 38 years’ experience of Supply Chain Management, with the last 18 years spent in Shipping, Transportation and as a Customs Compliance Manager, for a large global manufacturer with a single point of US distribution servicing 10,000 customers.

Let me use my knowledge to work with you and your teams to reach your customer service goals and contain or reduce your Transportation Spend.  These are the Values of the Silent T Network.

Customer Service

There is nothing more important to your business success than taking care of your customers.  You will care for them, with more commitment and care than anyone else.  This is why we work with you to take control of your Shipping Process, Transportation and Delivery Service to insure your customers’ requirements are met with the best provides and systems.

Experience & Knowledge

We help you build high quality partnerships

Silent T Network uses years of manufacturing, planning, warehousing, shipping, transportation and logistics experience to guide you through improvements to insure the best customer service and return on your spend.  We will show you how to accomplish this by developing your in-house processes and skills within your team team for the best long term results.

We are different…

As of 2014, 80 percent of all Fortune 500 companies and 96 of the Fortune 100 used some form of 3PL (Third Party Logistics) services.  Shipping and Transportation is a large part of these services.  Information Technology has grown at a very rapid pace and in most cases, the users at the floor level, cannot or do not utilize the functionality.  Many manual processes and much manpower are being used “as a work around”.

Silent T Network is not a 3PL; we work to return ownership of the Shipping and Transportation processes back to you using a high quality network of providers.

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